The Short Fuse Podcast

S2 E2: Glenn Rifkin & Kanye Grumblin'

Episode Summary

Fellow Arts Fuse contributor Glenn Rifkin chats about his time with the magazine and his latest book, Future Forward. More from Coming Attractions, a new featured artist, and a recap of Deanna's October installment of her music column.

Episode Notes

We start the show in conversation with Glenn Rifkin, freelance journalist extraordinaire. You can find Glenn's book here: Searching his name on our site will pull up all of his archived articles. Check out the featured artist, Juniper, at: On that note -- thanks again to DYLIS for our intro, outro, and transitions. This episode includes Coming Attractions taking place from November 17 - 30, 2019. Last, but not least, Deanna reads from her review of last month's new rap singles. Danny Brown, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott and Gang Starr get high praise; Kanye gets heavy criticism.