The Short Fuse Podcast

S2 E9: Live Music with Aaron Halford & Matty Michna

Episode Summary

In this previously recorded episode, local student musicians Aaron Halford and Matty Michna are welcomed onto the show. The duo describes their journeys to Boston and ponders their futures beyond The Hub.

Episode Notes

Recording entirely in dorms across Boston, Aaron Halford is an up and coming soul/R&B musician with an updated sound. The San Francisco native is influenced by artists such as Marvin Gaye, Anderson Paak and the Beach Boys. Halford’s debut release “Before It Starts” features the young artist on four instruments: vocals, guitar, keyboard and bass. With the help of his long-time collaborator and friend Matty Michna; Halford's lyrics explore love, city life, his recent past, and his inner psyche. Halford hopes that he can provide a window into modern relationships with music that will withstand the test of time. The pair cover these topics and much more in their interview, and top off the half hour with a few of their favorite hits.