The Short Fuse Podcast

S3 E2: The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards

Episode Summary

Our intrepid host Deanna Costa is joined by a longtime pop music lover (who happens to be her oldest friend), Hailee Edwards on today's episode. Together, the ladies take on a virtual watch party for this year's MTV VMAs.

Episode Notes

The pair have quite an exchange, often representing the opposing view on an artist or award winner as they chronicle the events of the evening. But! This episode is no standard award show recap. With Hailee's professional background in public health and cellar/molecular biology, the topic at hand strays from the performances to the realities of such a production during the Coronavirus crisis. This episode's featured song is "Crashing Down" by DYLIS, our theme music artist. In two weeks, we'll back with more oddities and observations from former hosts Matt and Lucas.