The Short Fuse Podcast

S3 E5: The Show Must Go On(line)

Episode Summary

This week's episode is all about creativity and curiosity in the age of Covid. Listen in for a round up highlighting some of the best online offerings for arts and culture.

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Visual Art

Lyrics to Obligated by Pretty Shanks

Beaten down again, though I would prefer not. The options that are present, leave much to be desired. Still I have to take, what comes with these constraints. It's better to comply than to dwell about it, after all there must be consequences. Every action that you take, must be made with consciousness. It's so easy to just say, that it's you who's not to blame. But really who else would it be? Every time I think I couldn't possibly do wrong I go out of my way just to check myself, and I know that I don't, always catch every mistake. So much for thinking that I had control. It's up to you now, to yourself you are obliged. The choice is your's to make It always has been, why do you look so surprised? You have no room to talk when, there's been so many, opportunities. But you just sat idly by, thinking that there will always be a next time. Excuse after excuse, justifying, why I'm unable, to advance. It's so draining, admitting to yourself, that what you're doing, isn't working. As much as it pains me I can't keep erasing I can't keep evading. The fact that it's on me to adjust, if not now then when? Before any regrets, so I'll take my time. Just not any longer, just not any longer. Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Vincent Tinsay Obligated Lyrics © Self Published Through Distrokid